From styling distinct spaces, conceptualizing interior design ideas to designing luxury lifestyles for every place, we extend a collection of customized interior designs, quality craftsmanship and aesthetic design sense to create unique pieces and design’s of art. We believe that true styling is way beyond all the sheen and show and everything! It involves designing the place & utilising the space in the best possible way, while still keeping it little simple, functional with emotional vibes redefining a new statement of luxury creating the elegance of the place you always dreamt of. Check out these few royal, unique and luxury  ideas of interior designs to bring your dream home interiors to life.

Adding Golden to give a Royal Touch- Adding Golden touch to n your living area gives a complete Royal touch to the place, it gives a feeling as if you can touch the heavens with the invigorating cool of gold and pair it with the design that is intricate and detailed filled with art. What you want to design and want to take things ahead  completely depends on your preference for either an opulent or restrained look. Adding contrast of your choice to your home spaces by introduction and infusing different shapes, textures, patterns and finishes, highs and fabrics with shades Golden accents and design elements will fill the look of the place with class, royalty and a sense of luxury to your place.

Right Chandelier ( Jhoomar)- Nothing can make a place and space more attractive or more luxurious or classy than a beautiful, unique chandelier. Most people who think of chandeliers, think of very stylish and classically styled Chandeliers for their foyers, dining rooms, and sitting rooms. However the reality is that there are also a wide variety of Contemporary Chandeliers available in the market that will look as great in modern-styled rooms as the more traditional Crystal Chandeliers will look in rooms with vintage styling. A chandelier is the best and great way in today’s era which provide not only just light to a room, but also add grandeur. Luxury lighting makes a different long lasting impression that lesser options just can’t touch. 

Simple Decor accessories- Take the time to choose beautiful yet simple accessories & home decor statement pieces for your dream home. No need to hide them arrange them wherever you feel like. Put it on plain sight or at a corner or wherever you feel like and give your home the love it deserves. It’s possible to work in more than one item that attracts attention in a room, you just have to put some distance between them so if you have more than one statement piece in mind, don’t assume you have to choose only one select them all and give a look what you want.

Texture Walls-  When it comes to a decorating living space, how can we forget and exclude the beautiful textured walls. We understand that walls are one of the most crucial elements of a house that determines the first impression of the house. It is the frame and boundary of the beautiful dream house you have been planning. The Designs for Texture Walls have no limitations and therefore the possibilities are endless. Your designs for your wall could include wood, stone, brick, paint, wallpaper, tiles, etc. 

Open Shelves –  Instead of hiding stuff behind the doors of cabinets, it is time to show the items you have in the most attractive ways. In the kitchen, you all have some jars for different food right, so display all of the items in your living room and completely remove the doors from the walls. The point is that such open cabinets are clear and attractive to the human eye.

These were few of the gleaming ideas from us so pick your favourite ideas and give a unique look to your home. Do not compromise on your dream house, as we are always here for you Choose “Apna Interiors” and we assure that Your dream house and our designs will be best friends forever.

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