A workplace interior should reflect and support the company’s culture and should be matched with organizational goals. It should also reflect the company’s lifestyle and focus.

COVID Pandemic have had a strong impact on Organizations, COVID has compelled Organizations & offices to make their workplaces safe and secure enough for the employees, it has forced them to relook at workspaces on multiple levels and adopt a human-centric design approach that puts people first concept through the elimination of materials that are unsafe and are prone to dust or bacteria’s.

According to a Workplace Wellness Trend Report, employees want to work in a healthy environment with healthy and positive surroundings.

Here are few findings from the report:

A majority ( almost 85%) of workers/ Employees want their current employer to offer them healthier workspace benefits, with options ranging from wellness rooms, company fitness benefits, sit-stands, healthy lunch options and Comfortable seating.

We are always Dedicated and passionate for creating great workplaces. We believe and know that nature of “work” is always changing. We look forward to collaborate with you to design a workplace environment that motivates your people and organization to excel.

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